A Kent based company offering a fast and highly efficient construction materials testing service throughout the UK.

Our ability to respond quickly to undertake testing and supply results [often the SAME day], has enabled us to build an enviable client base which includes many major construction/civil engineer  organisations, together with a number of local councils in the South East of England

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Tests include:-

Sheer Vane

Schmidt Hammer

Plate Bearing Test

Mexe –Probe Dynamic Plate [LWD]

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer  [DCP]


Asphalt Testing

California Bearing Ratio

[CBR] Density Testing [including sand replacement and field core

The gallery demonstrates some of the work that we do. Select an image link to navigate to a description.


Regardless of your testing requirements, M & H have the skills, equipment and the capacity to respond speedily to your needs. 

If you haven’t tried us yet, please contact us for a free, no obligations quote.





Please visit our services page for more details of the various tests we offer.